• September 12, 2021

Tennis Games

When it comes to fun activities for summer, few beat playing tennis with the family and loved ones. With tennis games you can have fun while building team spirit, strengthening your fitness and even improving your golf game. Not only is tennis a great game to play year round, but it also provides a great method of exercise. Playing tennis will keep you from getting bored in your travels and allow you to experience a new sport or activity.

To play tennis, there are several ways to keep your children active while you’re on vacation. Many fun and different tennis games can be played at Casa del Mar and do not require a long set-up or much equipment! A few fun tennis games to try would include the following: First Serve – This is a fast paced game where the first serve is always available to the player on the court. The first serve is usually the hardest hit and can often lead to a win for the player that served the ball first.

Batting – A variation of the first serve, batting is played similarly but is started when one racquet is touched by another player. The player who has touched the racquet first is out. Usually one person starts the baton in the air and then finishes it back on the court. Many tennis games are played using this method and it has been known to score more hits than first serves!

Feeder Games – Tennis Feeder Games are similar to Batting games but feeder players are not allowed to hit the ball. Usually 3 players are involved and they all attempt to hit the ball into a net on the other side of the tennis court. This feeder game is usually fun and can help build motor skills and confidence. For example, if the tennis player hits the ball into a feeder net three times then they will need to strike the same way each time or else they will be disqualified. Many tennis games are played using this system.

Two Player Tennis Games – In a two player game, the two players are seated opposite one another on the court. They are each given two servers who attempt to hit the ball over the net. The player who throws the most racquets at the other player wins. Many tennis games are played this way.

Serving – Tennis serves are hit over the net to either side of the court from the service line. A serve is made when a tennis player hits the ball over the service line. Some tennis games have a baseline service that only requires that the player serve from the baseline to the opponents back. Many other tennis games have a baseline service that requires that the player hit the ball over the service line and then return to the baseline. It really depends on what the rules of the particular game are.