• September 18, 2021

RTS Games

RPG or Real Time Strategy Games are quite popular these days. They can be both online and offline versions. The only difference is that the online ones use some computer software while the ones in offline format use dedicated game consoles. The role of these role playing games is to let players control various characters and view the various aspects of the game world through the player’s eyes.

In real time strategy games, real-time strategy, is a sub-category of turn-based tactical games which permit all players to play at the same time, in real time, without the use of extra input devices. On the other hand, turn-based tactical games commandos commando assault on their own. On the contrary, in real time strategy games both the players take turns to engage in battle, although they can see each other through a computer screen.

A major difference between the two sub categories is the level of control possessed by the players. In turn-based games players are able to command their respective empires and build them up as they advance through the levels. Players have the ability to research new technologies, purchase weapons, and send their respective armies into the battle to annihilate the enemies. They have the power to command the economies and Resources of their planets and dictate the rules of their galaxies.

The plot of most RTS games revolves around an intricate plotline, which the player has to follow and complete to win the game. This plotline may branch out in various directions depending upon the success or failure of the plot. There are countless real time strategy games of this genre. Many of them have an estimated game length of about 90 minutes. An RTS game typically requires the player to take command of one of the major alliances at any point during the game’s storyline.

Due to the nature of the genre, most of these games involve a lengthy single player experience. Many of the multiplayer RTS games take approximately 20 hours to complete. These games often feature elaborate single player missions with multiple stages and endless replayability. However, many of the multiplayer games available in the genre can be played over a series of remote connections via a computer. Usually, each connection is free of charge.

Although some of the single player games are very action-packed, many of them offer a peaceful, leisurely pace of play. The player is allowed to control his or her own character and experience the scenery and sci-fi battlefields in a free style of role-playing game. Some of the best known rts games are Age of Empires and Wing Commander. There have even been attempts at remake of old classic to games such as Space Invaders and WarCraft. Due to the long years that multiplayer RTS games have been out for, many fans still play these games today.